Make the Mark Only You Can Make

i remember i wanted a male cute charm oc for an early arc in pix’s storyline so i checked out the options

sylveon was already taken by my y version sylveon jeremy (originally named ji-woo because kynim then changed because he became an oc ;w; )

and my second best option was minccino then i realised after developing his personality a bit i literally just made chaiccino but instead made him an ass rather than a complete hunk i mean wise awesome senchai he actually is

did soeone ring
did soeone reply twice
also imma sweep the floor with you tea who the frick spilt you this time
Alright Remi you choose the time and place and match.LETS DO THIS >:-]

final destination foxes only


Go Haunter, Use shadow ball

i have a zangoose oc id love to introduce to you and let me tell you this, she does not get along well with ghost type mons OwO ormanymonsatall

Remi it's time to duel, the loser will have to go to sleep >:-(

fight me and my equally cute madolches c: i͓̭̼ͦ̀ͫ̄͑͛ ͎̲̣̫̺͔̑ͣͮ͌d̨̩͖͍͉̩͈̽̃̄ͦ͐̎͊̀a̷̵̖̥̠̟̹ͥͫͦ̈́͟r̟̼̯̪̜ͪ̃ͯ́é͇̥̼̜̬̰̓͢ ̸̲͓̯͇̭̗̙̦̔̊̽ͨ͡y͈͐ͮ͡oͬͭ͐̽̔͌͏͏͍̲͝ų̞͙͍͉̫ͭ͐ͯ.̙̥͉̟͎͓̐̅ͫ͊̋̄ͯ͌ͦ

I think what anon's trying to ask is how much do you fit the Australian stereotype?

i honestly have no idea what your asking but i dont think im very ‘aussie’ in comparison to others idk

*shrug* if anything id rate myself half aussie - 20% american thanks to you nerds 20% filipino and 10% other asian cultures ._. (because i hang around vietnamese and chinese people far too often thanks to school and singaporeans thanks to my sister and this-wandering-lamb and this cute asian nerd votbear who i spend both too much time and not enough time with .//w//.)

Remi I don't mean to be a busy body but isn't it way past your bedtime

you must be new here c:

im going to bed bc u suck nah jks ily

rabae i thought this secret was between you and i (and maybe votbear) w/e ily too lame butt :U nek time keep my secret safe or i eat you


When you’re with two other friends and they’re talking to each other and you’re just there like


How'd you come up with the name Remi for your sona?

my brother actually came up with it if i recall correctly

and named after remmy from my favourite pixar movie that still inspires and amazes me today, ratatouille, not sure if the url or the name came first