Make the Mark Only You Can Make

I ask for wealth
I ask for fame
I ask for glory to shine on my name
I ask for love, I can possess
I ask for God and His angels to bless me

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this is me dying. on a scale of 1 to 10, this is like a 6 or 5 for me. this is only 2 mins long.

The cutest laugh ever

i may have abused the surprise mulch a bit

i have 6 kasib and 6 pomeg plants all with surprise mulch

and every single one produced a petaya berry LOL

my other crops also all have mutations XD yaaaaay mutations

Shut your mouth Shulk looks incredible! xD he’s from Xenoblade
oh his design is nice XD when i first saw him he looked neato but when i watched the trailer, his battle stuff looks a bit boring ;w; probably because its just different sword variation stuff XD

that post of the battle girl is randomly getting lots of notes ovo;;

NOW IS THE ONLY TIME ILL EVER THINK ‘maybe i should have put on better clothes before posting that’ but i didnt think a set of derpy pictures of a non-playable character’s lines from a popular game would actually become my most popular post ever ;w;”

as for the new smash character - i have nothing to say, i have no idea who he is and he looks a bit boring =w=;; the accent tho.





Our junk food is better than yours america

america has almost all the same stuff but with less stupid names

i’ve had most of this stuff and i’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that australia is tim burton’s version of neverland



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A few months ago I was informed that I screwed up big time: Pachirisus, for some unbeknownst reason, cannot learn Agility. 

SO. In the end I went with double team as a replacement. It’s a bit more complex, but it has proven itself to be VERY fun to tinker and think about! So here you go, my thoughts and headcanons about the move! (do zoom in on each section if you have troubles reading my horridly rushed handwriting)

Im probably gonna do more of these for other moves, it was a lot of fun~


The first word you see is your other-half’s zodiac sign!It’s the one you are subconsciously attracted to the most.Which zodiac sign did you see first?


The first word you see is your other-half’s zodiac sign!
It’s the one you are subconsciously attracted to the most.
Which zodiac sign did you see first?


Bless this random battle girl on route 21